Chanakya About Student Life

1. Never Stop Learning

There is so much more to learn, to explore and to do in life that it is a never ending process. It is only through learning can you acquire wisdom over the years. However, the day you decide you know everything, you will stagnate.

2. Acquiring knowledge

Learning must never stop. One should always consider self a student. Our world is huge and the possibilities are numerous. Therefore, there is always something new or a first time for something. Until you try, you won’t know and when you do try or experience something that is when you learn.

3. Confronting life

It is safe to stay that we are all students in this journey of life. Our experiences are our teacher, the obstacles, hurdles and rejections our tests. The good things in life are our medium to prepare the thesis of our life approach


When There is wealth a little effort accomplishes the task.

If the treasury is full of wealth, the plans for social benefit can be executed easily. Mere handwork does not bear fruit or we can say a person without means is unable to accomplish his tasks. Efforts and wealth both are needed for attaining objects of life.

A task in which a suitable device is used is not difficult to achieve.

However, difficult may be the tasks, proper effort endowed with suitable device can always accomplish it. A ruler should be use seven devices (like Sama, Dama Danda Bheda, Upeksha and indrajal) to accomplish a tasks as the case may be. In personality also one has to first ascertain about the means of accomplishment and then start doing it.

Without an expedient , a task even if attempted, fails.

If one attempts a task without ascertaining the proper expedient, one may fail. Proper contrivance is necessary to succeed in venture.

Expedient is the aid to those who seek success in undertakings.

For success in undertakings, contrivance is very important. Also the pros and cons of the same should be well ascertained. Thus expedient is the only if for those who strive for success in their tasks.

A task attains its objective through human effort.

When a person determines to perform a task, it becomes his objective. Then he puts best of efforts to accomplish it. While performing, a truly active person does not care for its fruit (failure or success), He goes on doing hard-work. It is an accepted truth that hard work always pay.

Fortune follows human-effort.

Luck follows human effort. One just sitting for things to happen does not obtain anything. It is only the laborious and diligent who gets success. Man’s efforts should be related to present only He should not depend upon past or destiny

One who is not calm and collected cannot earn one’s livelihood (or accomplish one’s tasks).

One dependent upon destiny hardly gets means to lead life. A lazy and unbalanced person’s life becomes futile


The mother and a shikshak(Student) have the ability to bring about the revolution. If they desire, they can change the future of the current generations. They can play a bigger role in making the character based society that holds esteem values and principles. If they desire, they can even throw out the powerful kings.
                                                                                                         - CHANAKYA


........After a major defeat in battle Chandragupta  came to Acharya Chanakya; reported him the status and asked for some advice.
Acharya looked at him for a few seconds and told him to have some food before having a discussion. Chandragupta said that he was in no mood for the dinner because he was very uncomfortable/depressed after the defeat.
Acharya insisted and pointed his finger towards the plate. Looking at the serious gesture of Chanakya; Chandragupta could not resist anymore.
Chandragupta sat down for dinner and suddenly Chanakya said “I have thought of a wonderful plan; finish the food fast”.
The rice in the plate was very hot and Chandragupta found it quite difficult to pick that up with his hands. He nearly burnt his mouth and fingers in a desperate attempt.
Chanakya was watching him carefully and suggested that he must pick the rice from the corners instead of digging from the center. After finishing the dinner they both sat for the discussion.
Chandragupta said “So, Acharya, what you suggest for the victory”
The Kautilya (Chanakya) replied “The lesson is all-ready been taught “.

Moral of the story:

Attack an enemy at his weak points instead of engaging him at his strong holds. Just like its easy to pick the hot rice from corners of a plate than from its center

Weakness Targeted By Your Enemies

This is not a new discovery that enemies hurt where it hurts most. Also, it is true that enemies usually don’t strike at bases which they consider as strong. This is so because:

o    Weaknesses can be easily exploited using fewer efforts.
o    The probability of success is more when a person targets weakness of someone or something. Totally opposite is the case when a person tries breaking something strong.

The simple truth is that your opponents and enemies are continuously searching for your weaknesses to strike. This is the truth and it cannot be denied.

Weakness is not just about lack of physical strength. The other thing such as lust, anger, arrogance etc. also add to the list. Lack of control over mind and body is perhaps the most chronic weakness (Alcoholism and drug addiction in particular). I have seen 100s of men with great potential and many of them are busy wasting their lives.

When an opponent lacks in visible weaknesses, then his enemies try different things either to know weakness or to create one. A person referring to himself as your friend might or might not be an actual friend. By revealing your secrets to him you are actually taking a huge risk.
Whatever I said in the previous paragraph might not sound cool, but is the reality. The world is quite busy creating troubles for you, better don’t create more for yourself. Be in control, and be smart.

What’s the solution? Well! “Don’t be weak” and “Don’t expose your weaknesses” and “Don’t ignore your weaknesses”.
“To err is human” is nothing, but the one line summary of excuses by men. Not in all, but in the majority of cases people tend to ignore the issues until it’s too late. Surprisingly, there also exist a few people who wait and keep waiting until it’s all over. If you are in a habit of ignoring/overlooking your mistakes and weaknesses then, what can be really expected from you?

A man can be his best buddy or his worst enemy. This depends on his actions and sense of responsibility towards himself. Whatever you say, see, or do is going to have some effect or an aftereffect. In reality, a man has almost nothing or very less control on the world outside. What he/she can really control is himself/herself. Being in right senses might seem effortless, but is not. It’s a constant fight with oneself. The journey from inches to meters requires a decent amount of time, caution, and precaution.
·         Neither ignore your weaknesses nor reveal them to your opponents.
·         Secrets are not meant to be shared until it becomes really important to do so. You just cannot share them without consequences.
·         Become stronger and keep doing so.

·         Neither ignore your weakness nor put it on display.